Okay, last update for the night from Ron.  He is attempting to carry the spinnaker into the night.  Surfing conditions are good and the boat is hauling, top speed around 13.7.  Like moma always used to say, "theres a good, and there's a bad."  Actually I have never heard her say that. 
Allot of things are going wrong, and Ron needs a good pep talk for sure.  His auto pilot is still down and has been for the past day.  He hasn't seen sunlight since he left San Fran so his solar panel is pretty much extra weight along with his batteries.  He needs some sun to charge them up, good thing this boat isn't electric.  Sail mail is down, which also means no email or weather data.  With that said Ronnie sailed off into the night, until next time...


Aloha! Well maybe not yet.  I just got a call from Ronnie today and spent the next ten minutes on the side of the road. Hawaii has a no driving while using the cell phone law. Ron also wanted me to write down his every word so I didn't miss anything. 


First off, the primary auto pilot is down and Ron is using the back up tiller. He thinks it is a sensor, but not sure. Also sail mail isn't working right and he isn't sure why. So all updates will need to be made via sat phone. He also said right now he is jib reaching and really hauling. 


That's about it so far, when he calls with updates I will post them here on the site. We wanted to post on Facebook, but we are having password issues. I'll work on it tonight when I get home from work. I hope all of you are following along on yellowbrick. I have to say the iPhone and iPad app are pretty sweet. These guys are really helpful also, I bought the race on my iphone, then wanted it on my ipad.  I emailed them and 30 minutes later they had a solution and I did not need to repurchase the race.  Thanx

Check out this promo trailer for an upcoming film that I'm working on with LA-based filmmaker Pierson Jacqueln and a few other sailors int the fleet!

2012 Singlehanded Transpac Promo from Pierson Jacquelin on Vimeo.

It's that time again. The Singlehanded Tranapac starts tomorrow. Whew, just typing that makes my adrenaline pump. No matter how much you practice, prep your boat or think about the race, nothing fully prepares you for setting off across an ocean solo. But it's what I do and I love it, so let's go! My Moore 24 "US 101" has been named "Hope for the Warriors" for the race and I think we're pretty well prepared. My new B&G pilot is up and running, my charging system is working great, I've got a super fast set of Quantum racing sails and my boat and rig are solid. My class in particular is going to be über-competitive. In addition to my Moore is Ruben Gabriel's Moore 24 "Rushmoore". Ruben is an SHTP race vet who lost his rig in the 2008 edition of the race (not on a Moore) and sailed 700 miles under jury rig to reach the finish. He was my double handed partner this year on the Doublehanded Farallones race which we won. He's a great friend but also a very good sailor and should be very competitive. Then there's current race champion Adrian Johnson returning on his Olson 30 "Idefix". Adrian knows the way and he came back to defend his title, so he's obviously a favorite. In addition, there's the Open Sailing Pogo 2 Mini Transat sailed by Jerome Sammarcelli. Jerome just sailed the boat-breaking Guadalupe Island Race and his boat looks beautiful and rather unscathed, so he seems pretty legit. There's also an Express 27 that's a race vet and a Hobie 33 in the mix. So needless to say, this should be a solo ULDB battle all the way to Hawaii. In the Sled class, there's the Open 50 "Truth" sailed by Alex Mehran. Alex is a fast sailor with a well prepped boat and a very business like approach, so he could be dangerous. Another boat to watch out for is the Cal 40 "Green Buffalo" sailed by Jim Quanci. Undoubtedly the most experienced sailor in the fleet and probably the one who's won the most hardware over the years. Jim is one of my target boats that I'll be closely watching, that's for sure. He will be very competitive. Sprinkle in a mix of cruising boats and racer/ cruisers and it should be a race of epic proportions. Follow the race at www.singlehandedtranspac.com. The entire fleet will be equipped with Yellow Brick trackers, so that the public can easily follow along. And major thanks to my title sponsor Hope for the Warriors, Quantum Sail Design Group, West Marine Rigging and all the rest of my sponsors and friends who have helped me get to the starting line yet again. I wouldn't be here without you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish me luck on the race but please keep in mind the whole mission and goal of this campaign: to raise money and awareness to teach wounded veterans how to sail. 8 years ago (to the day) I was hit by an RPG. It seems like a lifetime ago and I'm fortunate to be very far removed for the harsh realities of war, but many veterans have just returned and are not so far removed. Please help me help these recently wounded veterans transition smoothly into a happy and inspired life, post injury. Please visit the veteran's sailing page on this website to learn more about now to donate. See you guys I'm Kauai!

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