I wrote this blog yesterday and then sailed over to Nawiliwili. Now that I've decided to leave 101 in the islands, I need to line up a slip for her for the next few months. I'm probably leaving for Oahu tomorrow, eventually making my way to Kaneohe for the Kauai Channel Race. Here's the latest blog:


Decisions, decisions.... During the race, I decided what my next long-term goal is; the Vendee Globe.  But for short-term goals , I haven't really decided what I want to do. I have a delivery back to the mainland in mid-August and am trying to organize a wounded-vet's sailing clinic for October, but after that I have a bit of an opportunity to possibly pursue another adventure. The original plan was to immediately ship the Moore back to California after the race but I'm having one of those Moitessier moments where I'm reflecting on how much hand-steering and hard work it took to get here. Then I look at my boat anchored out in one of the most idyllic anchorages in the Pacific. 

And I think.... 

101 anchored in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Moore <3


Here are two lengthy articles that fully recap our come from behind class win in the 2012 Singlehanded Transpac and the rescue of Bela Bartok. Just click the links to read!


2012 SHTP race recap

Bela Bartok rescue

First place plaque and belt buckle #2. And Bela's in port. It's been a good summer...

Bela Bartok safely tied up at Waikiki Yacht Club in Honolulu. Photo credit- Rick and PJ Value

As of 2200 local time on July 19, s/v Bela Bartok is safely tied up in port. Ruben and I left from Maui on a 22-foot fishing boat at 0445 in the morning and met up with Bela around 0630. It wasn't what I would call easy, but everything went smoothy and Ruben and I made a good transfer of two crew and all provisions and equipment. Once securing the boat, we gybed over to starboard and pretty much stayed there for 80 miles to Diamond Head buoy and eventually the entrance to the Ala Wai Harbor. We started out with main and jib and eventually flew a main and twin jibs with one jib poled out. Bela was quite different from our Moore 24's, and a bit of a challenge really, but she did okay. We had a rope wrapped in our prop and therefore never even tried to turn over the diesel. A member from Waikiki Yacht Club met us out side of the harbor entrance and towed us in. We had a great reception from HYC and WYC and tied the boat up at WYC and stepped off. The thing is  a biohazard from Derk's infection, so we got off as soon as we could and got cleaned up and changed clothes. It was a long couple days for Ruben and I, and was very tiring but we're both very happy and grateful to have the boat in port safely. Mission accomplished! I will be writing a full article for Sailing Anarchy and will post up some video as well. Stay tuned! Working on my full recap of SH Transpac right now and then video.


Full, unedited log from SH Transpac 2012


Photo courtesy Pressure Drop/ Erik Simonson. Photo from start of SH Transpac on June 30


Click the link to read it!


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