Here's an article that I wroote for Sailing Anarchy ( about our recent wounded veteran's clinic in San Francisco, October 3-6. 


I remember the first time that I went sailing. It was on an overcast grey day in San Diego Bay in early 2008. Giddy with excitement upon arriving at the marina and boarding the boat, I quickly stowed my gear and took my place as crew in helping us disembark from the dock. As we left the protection of the harbor, we hoisted the sails and shut off the engine. A cool fresh breeze filled the sails, heeling the boat and silently pushing us toward open water. As I felt the boat power up for the first time, I was captivated by the serenity and raw power of a boat, under sail, purposefully accelerating to hull speed.



Sorry for not updating the blog. I’m bad about that sometimes!! This blog is kind of long....


After returning from Newport, RI at the end of September, we shoved off from Neah Bay, WA and rounded Cape Flattery, headed south. Throwing up my new to me spinnaker, we kite-reached south until the breeze began dying again. The spinnaker was sort of collapsing and re-filling for a couple of hours and then bang it went! The halyard chafed through and failed, bringing the sail down on deck. 




Pretty sweet Hope for the Warriors boom cover on the 12 Metre American Eagle/ Hope for the Warriors. Thanks to owner Herb for all of his amazing support of our vet's sialing program and Ted Turner and Gary Jobson for all of their hospitality.


A brilliant couple of days in Rhode Island! Now headed back to Washington State to grab Sirena Gorda and continue moving her to San Fran. I arrived in Newport on Thursday to sail on American Eagle/ Hope for the Warriors with Ted Turner and Gary Jobson on Thursday. The classic America’s Cup yacht was renamed for the weekend to benefit Hope for the Warriors and even sported a custom vinyl boom cover. Thursday night, it was Turner, Jobson and myself as the guest speakers at the regatta dinner for the 12 Metre North American Championship regatta, which was pretty neat, as there were about a dozen AC veterans, Dennis Conner, Tom Whidden, etc in the crowd. Friday I sailed with Dennis Conner and Tom Whidden on the 12 Metre “KZ-7 Kiwi Magic”, which was pretty awesome. In addition, Hope for the Warriors and I got some great press on the front page of the Newport Daily News on Friday and the Providence Newspaper on the same day. So hopefully this trip did some good in raising money and awareness for our wounded veteran’s sailing program. A busy couple days and i’m absolutely wiped from non-stop travel, meeting people, sailing, speaking, partying, etc. Headed back west!!



12 Metre "Kiwi Magic" next to this sick yacht I crashed on for a night, courtesy of the US Merchant Maritime Academy at Kings Point. 




Sirena Gorda has been delayed in Neah Bay, basically on the northwest corner of Washington state. I had hoped to make it to Oregon by Tuesday to fly out of town for a business trip on Wednesday, but it looks like those plans will have to change. My new to me boat has some issues that need addressing; a hard to start diesel, a non-charging alternator, no starboard running light and a basically non-functional VHF radio. It's definitely a mixed bag when you take a new Craigslist yacht cruising. If I wasn’t on a tight schedule with other commitments this week then I would just set sail for Astoria and fix things there, but since I am on a schedule, I think it makes most sense to post up here for a few days and try to get some things sorted. First, i’ve removed the alternator and am taking it to be tested/ repaired. It’s in my backpack now as I type this from a bus between Neah Bay and Port Angeles, Sirena’s last port of call. My friend Aaron joined me from Seattle for the week, but with the trip halted, he’s flying back home. So now it’s just me and my boat in a tiny little Indian fishing village that is a 2.5 hour bus ride from pretty much anything.

Sirena Gorda at Makah Marina in Neah Bay, WA. One of only two sailboats in the entire harbor. This small, isolated Indian fishing village wasn't exactly my idea of cruising paradise, but i'll take it. Viva la crappy boat with broken stuff.




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