All is well aboard s/v champ. We are currently a few hundred miles north of Kauai making about 6 knots under full main, staysail and jib. Under partially furled jib, the furling line broke 4 hours out of Kauai. It took us the better part of a day, but we figured out a replacement for it. We ended up dousing the jib for a day and going main and stay sail only, bu now we have the jib back up. Weather still nice, still in the trades, beautiful sailing and nice nights so far. Heather and I working well as a team and enjoying a comfortable passage on champ, but still no fish! Just got our first grib, only problem is that it was from two days ago. we hadn't been able to get a good hook up to sail mail until now, so i'm going to try to get another grib. sv champ out.

Provisioning Champ with our two-person kayak that we purchased for cheaper than 1-day of renting... Gotta love island connections :)


Well, summer vacation is officially over and i have to get back to work.... But at least work involves sailing a boat across an ocean! The boat is fully provisioned and we are ready to leave Hanalei Bay en route to Seattle. Forecast looks kinda ugly; the Pacific High looks really disorganized and fragmented. Oh well, we've got a big diesel at our disposal. The boat that we are delivering is an Island Packet 380 named 'Champ' that raced in the Singlehanded Transpac this year. The owner/ client has been great, my crew/ friend Heather has been great and the boat seems great, so all in all, i'm pretty stoked on the delivery. Should be a good time! The boat is equipped with an SSB and radio modem, so I plan to do some blogging once underway. Hoping for decent breeze, hungry fish and a good passage!!!

s/v Champ out.


101's final resting spot for the summer, in Nawiliwili, Kauai. Thanks for a great summer of sailing, 101! See you in a couple months!



101 did a fair amount of this in the Kauai Channel Race.


The Kauai Channel Race was EPIC! An absolutely awesome day of sailing in good trade wind breeze from Oahu to Kauai with two cool people. We had a fun day, placed third in class and had a blast in Nawiliwili afterwards. Now everyone’s headed home to Oahu and i’m prepping to leave US 101 in Nawiliwili for a while. I have a friend flying out here tomorrow and then i’ll be leaving on Wednesday to deliver a big cruising boat from Kauai to Seattle.


US 101 tied up to the bulkhead at Kaneohe Yacht Club. Ready for action in tomorrow's Kauai Channel Race.


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