There is an amazing amount of wild life here in the Pacific High at 43 North and higher. Yesterday a large whale came right up next to the boat and swam next to us and then crossed our bow twice. Two other whales have come within 50 feet, breaching a couple of times for us. Large pods of dolphin and porpoise have put on amazing shows for Champ and we've had dozens of small sea birds flying around the boat, chirping. I've never seen this much wild life this far out to sea, it's quite impressive and very beautiful.

Hopefully on our last day of motoring. We should, fingers crossed, finally have breeze from the southwest tomorrow and westerly after that. This Pacific High has been wacky.

Champ out.

The Pacific High is finally forming for the first time of this trip, only problem is that it is pretty much on top of us. This is pretty far north and pretty far west for a forming high, but oh well. There is a low that's about to hit the washington/ oregon coast, and once that happens, the high will be able to hopefully move south and east, and we'll be in westerlies headed straight for seattle. The only problem is that we can't really head east until that happens, so we're STILL headed north. We sailed several hours yesterday but now it's back to motoring as it is blowing 0. the Aleutian Islands off of Alaska are our closest point of land right now. We are about 650 nm from the Aleutians, 1470 from Seattle and 1200 something from Kauai. It's a big ocean out here. I trolled a cedar plug yesterday for the first time in a few days, and caught a tuna. now we're up to 3 mahi and 1 tuna for the trip, so even with pretty basic provisions, we've been eating quite well. sv champ out
This Pacific High really sucks. It's huge and all-encompassing, but fortunately Champ has a big diesel and quite a lot of fuel. Hoping that we've done the math right and we have plenty of fuel, but we've been motoring for about 3 days now. Hoping to be in westerlies in about 24 hours as the high looks to be developing. fingers crossed! caught 2 mahi in 2 days and had a stocked fridge, so decided to stop fishing for a while. will probably begin fishing again tomorrow. thinking that we could hit a tuna, perhaps? the biography about steve jobs is a good read. have almost finished it now, but thoroughly enjoyed it. heather just made some delicious breaded mahi mahi with pasta and canned veggies. it severely beat my attempt at bread last night, paired with tin foil mahi and rice. (again.) sv champ out
36* 34 N, 162* 07 W Well, the Pacific High is still a complete mess. Actually, scratch that, the entire Pacific Ocean is. Oh well. Champ has a big diesel and a lot of fuel, so we've been motoring for about two days now. Generally we're motor sailing with main and staysail sheeted in hard unless we can get some decent breeze/ decent angle, then we roll out the genoa and shut off the motor. Two nights ago, another mahi mahi got away, as he was about 4 feet from the transom. Mahi 3, Champ 1 Yesterday afternoon though, we got a hook up and then successfully brought him on-board. We have fish for days now. Mahi 3, Champ 2 sv champ out

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