My introduction to Santa Barbara - private anchorage next to a point break with the setting sun. Santa Barbara provides...


This most recent leg of the trip (SF- south) is beginning to turn into something very special. It reminds me of my bike trip in 2009, when I reached Da Nang, Vietnam. The stars aligned for me and for a variety of reasons I became truly engaged in, and content with my trip. That’s when I began achieving growth and the rest of the time was amazing.


Santa Barbara has turned into my cruising version of “southern Vietnam”, again for a variety of reasons. 


I think this photo pretty much says it all. Getting up close and personal with the humpbacks off the Cali coast.

Woohoo! South of Point Conception! We experienced everything on the way from Monterey; dead calm, light breeze, ideal sailing, heavy breeze, a friendly bump from a humpback whale and several memorable passages of major points of land along the California coast. Sirena Gorda and I arrived last night at around 9:30 pm, sailing right into the anchorage and setting anchor. I moved the boat and re-anchored this morning to get closer to the surf, which I hit at 9 AM after a cup of coffee.


As I write this (1 pm), i’m back on the boat and it’s gusting to 30 knots with increasingly large swell moving in. If I could retrieve the anchor and sail to Santa Barbara right now, I probably would, but without a windlass



Another few days, another few miles down the coast. Part of me wanted to stay in Half Moon Bay for a few more days to catch some good local surf while the other part of me wanted to get further down the coast. Trying not to get sucked into the comfortable time vortex that Half Moon Bay ended up being (I could spend a while there...), I shoved off on a Wednesday morning at around 9:30 am. The forecast looked right, if not a bit slow. As low pressure moved inland, the light southerly breeze on the coast was expected to die off and get replaced by a filling northwesterly... perfect. The only bad part was the un-expected 16 hour gap between those two events actually taking place. In other words, after some very slow sailing upwind, I flopped around for the better part of a day and then caught the new northwesterly.



Sirena Gorda rocked up at Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club guest dock. Fantastic sail across Monterey Bay.


Sirena Gorda and Adam's boat, General Trees, sailing out of San Francisco bound for Half Moon Bay. In this photo, wind vane engaged and 15 knots of breeze, with the Golden Gate in my wake... Perfect!
Over 7 months without an update... Sorry about that. It's been a super busy and very productive year so far, most of which has been thoroughly documented at That's where I try to run a professional solo ocean racing campaing. Open Blue Horizon is where I discuss any and all things related to me sailing my crappy 27-foot boat down the coast. 
That's right. We're back. Racing/ work season has basically ended for me this year and i've decided to take the plunge once again. We're going cruising. By "we", I mean me and my Cal 2-27 Sirena Gorda, (soon to be Mongo). And by "cruising", I mean sailing down the coast with a very heavy emphasis on surfing. While i've become fairly accomplished in sailing, I am very novice in surfing and improving upon that is a major motivation for this trip.


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