MONGO racing hard for position in a Waikiki Friday night beer can race. I was in Waikiki for 3 Fridays and raced every week, usually with a crew of about 5. When Bill Lapworth penned the Cal 2-27, it was as a racer/ cruiser, so it only makes sense to race and cruise the yacht. Bruce anchor on the bow and Navik wind vane on the transom, MONGO represented hard while in Oahu. :) Photo thanks to Ted from HYC.

After nearly a month in Honolulu, MONGO is ready to sail to Kauai and then onto the South Pacific... After putting the new rig up in Maui and then sailing to Oahu, i've been busy at work on MONGO knocking out big projects, little ones and lots of little maintenance items. At the end of the day, the 27-foot pocket cruiser is looking more dialed than ever. Aside from losing the rig on a lee shore in Maui, the Hawaiian Islands have been good to us. Leaving Hawaii is always bitterwsweet for me, but after sailng here five times (and back four times), I am excited beyond belief to finally sail BEYOND Hawaii! I have felt like a ping-pong ball going back and forth between Cali and Hawaii (and Mexico), and finally seeing the fabled islands of the South Pacific is a major motivation for this trip. As always, I have very much enjoyed my time here at Hawaii Yacht Club in the Ala Wai Harbor. I've spent lots of quality time with several awesome freinds, both new and old, and cherish this special little cruiser's paradise that is HYC. Rebekah and I plan to set sail for Hanalei Bay, Kauai in the next 1-2 days. I plan to set sail for American Samoa on Monday June 30. I will update the blog and provide a tracker link before I leave Kauai.

MONGO is a cruising yacht again... 3 days after stepping the new rig, MONGO sailed out of Lahaina Harbor, spent the weekend sailing and then rocked up to Hawaii Yacht Club in the Ala Wai Harbor in Honolulu, Oahu. Fully stoked to have the boat back together, sailing again, and getting back on the crusing track. I'll be in Honolulu for a couple of weeks of boat work, wrtiting, day sailing, surfing and hanging with friends and family and then will sail for the island of Kauai with Rebekah; my last stop in the Hawaiian Islands before heading to the South Pacific.


MONGO rocked up to the urban paradise that is Hawaii Yacht Club. Fourth summer in a row i've kicked it here at HYC. Great club, nice facilities, fun social scene, surf near by, West Marine a few miles distant... Fully stoked to be back at HYC and in Honolulu for a couple of weeks.

The Crossing - Maui to Oahu


After day sailing on Saturday with friends, they made their way back to shore while I packed away my kayak and quickly set sail. The breeze looked right and I wanted to make a departure while the day's onshore breeze was still flowing. Sailing upwind on port tack, I made my way northwest until I reached the transition between the land breeze and the trades


Just under two months after dismasting off of a lee shore on the island of Maui, MONGO is back in the game. Rig stepped this morning.

Full update to come soon.




After a lengthy delay in obtaining the mast track that my mainsail will go up and down on, new rig of MONGO is finally ready to step. Paint job is done, hardware is bolted on, halyards are run, shrouds are laced up, wires are run for masthead lights, antenna... it's been a mission to get to this point, but everything is finally ready. Bob-O, Allison and I loaded the rig onto Bob's truck this evening and it will make the brief journey down to the harbor tomorrow morning where we'll step it on MONGO, which will be another mission in and of itsel. I've got a great group of people that will be helping me maneuver MONGO around Lahaina Harbor, load the rig on, move the boat again and then step it using the mast of a 35-foot sailboat. With any luck, i'll be able to step the rig, remove the non-running government-mandated outboard engine off my transom, get MONGO back in cruising mode and head for Oahu this weekend. More to come soon!

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