Here are some videos from previous and current campaigns. All of these videos were created using GoPro Hero HD cams. GoPro has been a great sponsor to my sailing efforts.


It has recently come to my attention that YouTube has blocked pretty much all of my old videos because of music. I will need to recover the files and then upload them to Vimeo. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2012 Singlehanded Transpac- Moore 24 "Hope for the Warriors" aka US 101 from Ronnie Simpson on Vimeo.

Video of 2012 Singlehanded Transpac.


2012 Singlehanded Transpac qualifier- Moore 24 US 101 from Ronnie Simpson on Vimeo.

Video of my 400 mile qualifier for 2012 Singlehanded Transpac  


2012 Doublehanded Farallones with crew Ruben Gabriel. It blew 50 in the pre-start and only 8 out of 58 boats finished. US 101 took 1st in class, 1st overall.


Video of the 2012 OYRA Light Bucket race. It blew close to 30 on the downwind run and we had great ocean swells for suring, hitting speeds in the high teens. This is the best surfing/ high speed footage I have of the boat so far. US 101 took 3rd/ 12 in class and 8/ 44 overall.

Short clip of the jib reach from Red Rock to Treasure Island aboard "US 101" in the 2012 Three-Bridge Fiasco




Here is a video of me sailing "US 101" to Sausalito and back on New Year's 2011/ 12.



Here is a video of me sailing "US 101" in the 2011 Vallejo 1-2. This was my first race with the Moore 24.




Video of racing in the 2011 Transpac race aboard the 1D35 "Alpha Puppy"



Video from the 2011 Singlehanded Farallones aboard my Albin Cumulus 28, "Chippewa". This is the boat I live on.


Video from 2011 Spinnaker Cup aboard the R/P 45 "Criminal Mischief"


Video from losing the keel on the Mount Gay 30 "Warrior's Wish" on the way home form SHTP 2010 with Ed McCoy.



Video from the return trip on the Mount Gay 30. Caught a lot of Mahi-Mahi. This is before the keel fell off.


Video recap of the 2010 Singlehanded Transpac aboard Mount Gay 30 "Warrior's Wish"




Video of some practice sailing on the Mount Gay 30 "Warrior's Wish", just before SHTP 2010.


Video of sailing on Phil MacFarlane's prototype Mini Transat "WAFI" in San Francisco.



Video from Phil's Mini "WAFI" in March 2011. 

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