US 101 FOR SALE, lying Honolulu

101 rocked up into paradise again at Hawaii Yacht Club. Now to strip her and sell her. Good-bye old friend.

Well, I didn't really have a weather window to cross the channel and the reinforced Easterly tradewinds weren't scheduled to let up for another week, so.... I went ahead and crossed the channel to Oahu. And it was every bit as miserable as I had feared. Ugh. First time in more than 2 years and 5 ocean crossings that I couldn't hold down food. And here's a little statistic that might tell you how hard the sailing was: It took me 8 hours to sail the last 21 miles. "US 101" did great as she always has, but sailing dead upwind in 25-30 knots with 12 foot breaking seas is never fun in a 2,000 lb 24-foot boat. 

After 2 days in Kauai getting reacquainted with the boat, I shoved off which was no small ordeal in itself. I was in a downwind slip, and with no engine, I had to wait for a short lull in the breeze and have a friend help me shove off and get going. Beating out of Nawiliwili, I left the harbor and straight into the swells. It wasn't so bad for about 20 miles but then got miserable and stayed that way for about 10-12 hours. Like a complete washing machine, the boat pounding hard in mulitple directions. I got some relief in the lee of Oahu and it let up to about 20 knots and the seas smoothed out yet remained large. Re-emerging South of Oahu, the breeze and seas picked up again so I tacked up towards the shore, by Barbers Point to try and get relief from the breeze and swells. That worked sort of, but I was then confronted with 25 knots and super short-period 6-foot square chop. It was like a bad carnival game trying to beat upwind in those conditoins. Pointless. My VMG was solidly in the 2's and beating up the South Oahu coast I saw a puff up to 38 knots by the airport. Literally the most difficult, frustrating sailing of my life. We just weren't going anywhere!

But, of course, we made it. 101 was solid and held together great. Just a bit wet and uncomfortable. I arrived at the Hawaii Yacht Club at 4 pm and sailed up to the dock to a welcoming committee. The harbormster knew I was coming, and the bar was full for Sunday football, so I had 4 people greet me Aloha. This is what, the 6th time iv'e sailed a boat in here and i've had a welcoming committee every time. NO ONE does Aloha like HYC. Even got a free mai tai out of the deal, which made the sail all worth it. 

The boat is now up for sale for $9,999 without the offshore gear and equipped with the old sails. I've got an interested party coming to look at her in 2 days and in the meantime, i'm going to start stripping off electronics and gear and prepping her to be sold. And another chapter comes to a close... 101 has been an amazing boat for me and I only hope that her new owner enjoys sailing her. Good bye dear friend. You took me through a California gale, gave me a DH Farallones overall win, Singlehanded Transpac class win, 3 Kauai channel crossings and allowed me to realize several dreams. Thank you 101.


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