My new to me Cal 2-27 "Sirena Gorda". Just picked up this little gem of a yacht 2 days after arriving in port. Planning to leave in 2 days for a few weeks of cruising Puget Sound and the Washington, Oregon and Cali coasts back to San Francisco. Go the Cal!!!


You know when things fall into place and just work? That’s kind of how this summer has been and it still continues to be. Unfortunately, I was forced to sell my beloved home and cruising boat Chippewa just days before Singlehanded Transpac. With that, I decided that I would race the Moore to Hawaii, deliver Champ home and then purchase another cruising boat upon return to the left coast. I figured that would give me a potential chance to buy a boat in Seattle and sail home, or just fly home to San Fran and buy a boat. Right when hitting port, I scoured Craigslist and all of the other classifieds and spent the last two days looking at three different cruising boats. And.... after just 56 hours in port, I purchased the Cal 2-27 Sirena Gorda (fat mermaid...). With this, an all new adventure has been born. I plan to leave in just a couple of days to cruise Puget Sound and then sail to Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River. From there I have a quick business trip and then will resume sailing Sirena Gorda to San Francisco. One of my old roommates from when i was in college is flying out to join me for the first leg and I think Walt may join for the final few hundred miles with about 500 miles of singlehanding in the middle. Should be an epic trip! Stoked!


The boat is in Tacoma right now, about 25 miles south of Shilshole Bay Marina in Seattle. I will leave at first light for Shilshole. Longer blog to follow, it’s a kinda cool story how I found the fat mermaid. She really is a lovely little yacht. Right now i’m listening to Bob Dylan, drinking a Modelo and enjoying my first night on the Cal. 


This sailor is now home :)

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